Is there room in business for spirituality? For years, it seemed as though the two were incompatible but now businesses are waking up to the idea of “Why not both?”. When business is combined with meditation, mindfulness, and healing, powerful things can manifest and so “Global Conscious Entrepreneurs” was born.

The debut release from the Global Conscious Book Series, “Global Conscious Entrepreneurs” explores the stories of forty-nine different authors from all over the world and all walks of life. Throughout the pages of this book, they share the personal stories behind their successes, their
unique tools and strategies, and their life-changing messages of perseverance. From tips on how to transform yourself into an unforgettable brand to learning how to achieve real success with a “fake it ‘til you make it” mindset, read about how you too can manifest your soul’s true purpose and attract success to your own business projects.

Curated by global best-selling author and Feng Shui Master Dame Marie Diamond and developed by luxury publisher and brand strategist Lily Patrascu, this book will show you all the many ways in which the Global Conscious Entrepreneur can change the world, one idea at a time.

Contributing authors include: Marie Diamond, Lily Patrascu, Haleh Aleman, Elvira Balderas, Pandora Bolt, Harriet Bratt, Tina Burke, Lisa Cavender, Anaelle Coulon, Nina Deissler, Channin Dionne, SueZee Finley, Myrna Flick, Nicole Frith, Liah O. Goldenberg, Sarah Preston Hesler, Dr. Kathrin Huzelmann, Angela Jones, Charmaine Lang, Altantulga (Tulga) Mandakh-Ayush, Maria Matias, Maximilian Messler, Jocelyn Michel, Deborah Miller, Anne Moore, Wendy Nguyen, Olelo pa’a Ogawa, Denisa Riha Paleckova, Tara Pilling, Shannon Powell, Jessica Quimby, Kathleen Rafter, Kyung Rhee, Anne Rigaud-Walker, Sandra Roth, Katarina Runa, Theresa Russell, Harry Sardinas, Yvonne Schimmel, Snehal Shah, Holly Andra Small, Rabea Katharina Stenger, Christopher Stilson, Tom Thompson, Lu Wang, Patricia Whyte, Michelle Williams, Pearline Williams, and Renata Maria Wirtz.

“Global Conscious Entrepreneurs” is available now for sale on Amazon, and on officially launched on 21st March 2023.

Author Bios:
Dame Marie Diamond is a globally renowned transformational leader, author, teacher, and star of the worldwide movie phenomenon “The Secret”. She uses her extraordinary knowledge of quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, and Feng Shui to help people transform their lives. Her vision is to enlighten more than 500 million people during her lifetime.

After finding global success as a contributing author in “The Secret”, Marie had a calling to pass this same opportunity on to the next wave of emerging entrepreneurs. The Global Conscious Book Series is the result of this calling.

Lily Patrascu is an ultra-creative book publisher for luxury influencers, thought leaders, and CEOs. She is an influencer with 140k+ followers. As a personal branding strategist, author, and copywriter, she supports busy entrepreneurs. She is the founder of “Brand For Speakers” book publishing and the co-founder of “Speakers Are Leaders”.

Contact Information: Curtis Chase, 1323 N Bronson Avenue, Apt. 7 Hollywood, California 90028, USA, +14243462889,, or Lily Patrascu +447557351222