London, United Kingdom 13 March 2024 – Foodinjoy, the award-winning food and beverage app, is celebrating two years of empowering users to eat well, save money, and live more sustainably!
Since its launch in 2022, Foodinjoy has seen incredible user engagement, with a staggering 30 million steps tracked and over 5.5 million product offers and deals searched. This dedication to a healthy lifestyle aligns perfectly with Foodinjoy's mission to improve the quality of life for its users.

Foodinjoy 2.0: Making Life a Breeze
The past year brought the exciting launch of Foodinjoy 2.0, a comprehensive app upgrade packed with features to simplify your life:
• Compare Savings on Grocery Baskets: Find the most budget-friendly options for your entire shopping list.
• Recipe Inspiration at Your Fingertips: Discover delicious and easy-to-cook meals based on your preferences and ingredients.
• Shop Exclusive Brand Offers: Unlock special deals and discounts from your favourite brands.

Foodinjoy Founder Recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist
Foodinjoy's success extends beyond the app. Dr. Joydeep Pal, the company's founder and CEO, was recently recognized as a finalist for the prestigious "Entrepreneur of the Year 2024" Award at the AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards. This nomination is a testament to Dr. Pal's vision and leadership in driving positive change in the food and beverage industry.

The Future of Foodinjoy: Building a Sustainable Future
Looking ahead, Foodinjoy is actively building next-generation AI tools and services to empower sustainable retail practices. This commitment goes beyond individual users and extends to the entire food supply chain, promoting responsible production and consumption habits.

Join the Foodinjoy Movement!
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About Foodinjoy
Foodinjoy is an award-winning consumer tech and market research company dedicated to creating a more sustainable food and beverage experience. Their user-friendly app empowers consumers to save money on groceries, discover delicious recipes, and track their daily steps, all while promoting a healthy lifestyle and responsible shopping habits. Additionally, Foodinjoy is on the cutting edge of developing AI tools to help create a more sustainable food retail ecosystem.

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